If you are interested in the Tibetan terrier breed, or have a TT, and are thinking about showing and would like to see some in action; then the best place to go is to a Championship Show where you can talk to a number of breeders/exhibitors. (Tibetan terriers can sometimes be found at Open Shows, but usually in smaller numbers). Two of the larger shows held in Ireland are the 'St. Patrick’s Day Championship Show' at the National Show Centre in Dublin (near Dublin Airport) and the 'Belfast Dog Society's Championship Show' run in September at the Balmoral show grounds. Both shows attract a large number of Tibetan Terriers from throughout the UK and Southern Ireland.

There are a number of other Open and Championship dog shows held in the north and south of Ireland. Shows run throughout the year although they are more frequent during the summer months. A show date schedule for shows run under the Irish Kennel club can be obtained here.



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