About Myself

I have owned dogs for a large part of my life. I started with Cavalier King Charles which I love, I then rescued a Westie named Jenny; she is still part of our family. After my last Cavalier King Charles passed away, having given me twelve years of love and affection, I decided I would like to have something different. I spent several months looking at the pro and cons of different breeds until I saw my first Tibetan Terrier it was love at first sight, and I knew I would have to have one. After much searching I got Megan "Araki Naughty Future" from breeder Ken Sinclair. Megan and Jenny get on well together and now spend their time either chasing chickens or lounging around the house like they own the place.

I have a small herd of pygmy goats which I breed and show see www.nettlebank.co.uk. Because I enjoyed showing the pygmy goats so much I thought I might like to show dogs. After going to several dog shows as an observer I decided I would show my own dog. That's when I got Zack (Kybo Blazing Saddles) from breeders David Roberts and Judy Price. Zack and I have been showing since December 2004 and we are both enjoying it, we have even managed to clock up a number of wins at both open and championship shows.



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